Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Effect of Sauropus androgynus (katuk) Extract on Production, Nitrogen and Phosphor Contents, and Number of Colonized Microbia in Feces of Layers

Urip Santoso
Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Bengkulu University
Jl. Raya Kandang Limun, Bengkulu, Indonesia

The present study was conducted to evaluate effect of Sauropus androgynus extract (SAE) on feces production, nitrogen and phosphor contents and microflora in feces of layers. Forty eight 40-week days layers (strain RIR) were distributed to 6 treatment groups. One group was fed diet without SAE (P0), and groups were fed diets plus hot-water-SAE at level of 9 g/kg (P1), diets plus ethanol-SAE at level of 0,9 g/kg (P2), diets plus ethanol-SAE at level of 1,8 g/kg (P3), diets plus methanol-SAE at level of 0.9 g/kg (P4), and diets plus methanol-SAE at level of 1.8 g/kg (P5). Experimental results show that 9 g hot-water-SAE or 0.9 g SAE-methanol supplementation significantly reduced nitrogen content and production of faces. However, SAE inclusion had no effect on phosphor content of faeces (P<0,05). SAE inclusion significantly affected the number of Salmonella sp., Staphylococcus sp., Escherichia coli, Lactobacillus sp., Bacillus subtilis (P<0,05) and Streptococcus sp. (P<0,01). In conclusion, inclusion of ethanol-SAE at level of 1.8 g/kg diets was effective to reduce Salmonella sp and Escherichia coli in feces. Inclusion of 9 g hot-water-SAE or 0.9 g methanol-SAE was effective to reduce nitrogen production and content in feces (Jurnal Pengembangan Peternakan Tropis).
Key words: Sauropus androgynus extract, microbia, nitrogen, feces

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teguh rafian said...

teguh rafian (E1C011046)
ternyata dengan air panas-SAE 9 g atau methanol-SAE 0,9 g mampu mengurangi produksi nitrogen, ini sangat berguna dalam mengurangi polusi nitrogen dalam feses dan kandang.

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