Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Effect of Protein and Saccharomyces cereviciae culture Levels on Carcass Quality and Fat Deposition in Broiler Chickens
Farahdiba, Urip Santoso dan Kususiyah
Jurusan Peternakan, Fakultas Pertanian, Universitas Bengkulu
Jalan Raya W. R. Supratman, Bengkulu 38371 A

The present study was conducted to evaluate effect of level of protein and Saccharomyces cereviciae culture on carcass quality and fat deposition. One hundred and thirty three broilers were distributed to 9 treatment groups of 3 replicates each. Factorial Completely Randomized Experimental Design was used. Two factors used n the present study were three level of protein (15%, 18% and 21%) and three level of Saccharomyces cereviciae culture (0%, 0,5% and 1%). Expermental results showed that protein level of diet significantly affected Fatty Liver Score (P<0,05), leg, breast and abdominal fat weights (P<0,01), but it had no effect (P>0,05) on carcass, wing and back weight. Level of Saccharomyces cereviciae culture had no effect (P>0,05) on carcass, leg, wing weghts and Fatty Lver Score, but it significantly affected on breast, back and neck fat weight (P<0,05) abdominal fat weight (P<0,01). No interaction was found. In conclusion, higher protein level improved carcass quality and reduced fat deposition. In addition, supplementation of 0.5% Saccharomyces cereviciae culture was effective to improve carcass quality and to reduce fat deposition. Supplementation of Saccharomyces cereviciae culture to low protein diet did not improve carcass quality and fat deposition.
Key words: Saccharomyces cereviciae, protein, carcass quality, fat deposition
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