Monday, February 15, 2010

Ten Pillars of Livestock Production

By: Urip Santoso
Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Bengkulu University, Indonesia.

There is many problems in developing animal production in developing country such as Indonesia. Therefore, some efforts should be conducted to solve the problems. It was known that there is gap between developed country and developing country pertaining to animal production development. Here I write ten pillars which may solve the problem especially in developing country. This ten pillars of livestock management is called Dasasila Peternakan (Indonesia). This ten pillars has been presented in ISMAPETI conference held in Bengkulu Province, Indonesia at May 17, 2004. The concept of ten pillars is as follows:

1. Good interaction among the people who has activity in livestock production. This include goverment, consumers, industries, producer etc.
2. Good interaction between the people who has activity in livestock production and their environment.
3. Development of local feedstuff which could replace conventional feedstuff.
4. Integrated breeding.
5. Integrated livestock bussiness planning.
6. Good environmental management.
7. To develop optimal health for livestock, producers, consumers and others.
8. Fund management and simple procedur for bussiness and funding aids for small bussiness.
9. Integrated marketing.
10. Good welfare for livestock, producers and consumers.
This ten pillars should be implemented as integrated system.

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