Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Effect of High-Protein and Fat Realimentation Diets on Growth and Fat Deposition in Broiler Chickens Aged Twenty Eight Days

Urip Santoso
Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Bengkulu University, Bengkulu Indonesia

The present study was conducted to evaluate effect of high-protein and fat realimentation diet on performance and fat accumulation in females broilers aged twenty eight. Forty seven days old female broilers were distributed into four groups. One group were fed ad libitum (21% crude protein) as the control. Other three groups were feed restricted to meet energy requirement for maintenance for 6 days, and then during refeeding they received diet 30% protein with 1% fat, 30% protein with 2.5% fat and 30% protein with 5.4% fat, respectively. Experimental results showed that feeding 30% protein diet with low fat stimulated catch-up growth, whereas feeding 30% feeding diet with high fat did not. Feeding 30% protein with low fat increased carcass weight (P<0.01), reduced abdominal fat, carcass triglyceride. In conclusion, feeding high-protein realimentation: diet stimulated catch-up growth and reduced fat accumulation. Feeding high-protein plus high-fat realimentation diet did not resulted in catch-up growth and recovered carcass triglyceride content. (Jurnal Peternakan dan Lingkungan, 7 (3): 1-5, 2001

Key words: High-protein plus fat Realimentation Diet, Catch-up Growth, Fat Accumulation

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