Saturday, February 13, 2010

Palatability Test and Length of Storage of Sakura Block and Its Effect on Nutrient Digestibility in Male Kacang Goat

Jarmuji, Urip Santoso, and Irma Badarina
Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Bengkulu University

Abstract: The present study was conducted to evaluate the palatability, storage of sakura block and its effect on digestibility in male kacang goat. Twelve 56-weeks male kacang goats were distributed to three treatment groups of four kacang goats each. One group was fed setaria grass (Po), and other two groups were fed setaria grass plus UMB fomula 1 (P1) and setaria grass plus UMB formula 2 (P2). The results showed that formula 1 had significant palatability than formula 2 (P<0.05). Sakura Block could be stored for 3 weeks in field condition. Sakura Block supplementation had no effect on dry matter and organic matter digestibility (P>0.05) but reduced anorganic matter digestibility (P<0.05). Sakura Block significantly increased the weight of feces (P<0.05). In conclusion, sakura block reduced anorganic matter digestibility but increased feces secretion in kacang goat (Jurnal Penelitian UNIB, 12 (1):26-31.
Key words: palatability, storage, sakura block, digestibility, kacang goat


teguh rafian said...

artikel ini cukup menambah ilmu saya, terutama pada patabilitas dan lama penyimpanan sakura block, dan efek nutrien pencernaan pada kambing kacang jantan. ada yang ingin saya tanyakan pak, sakura block itu apa pak?

Karyono said...

excuse me sir, can i get the links of this journal ?
Couse i want to download this journal but there isn't a link to download.
That juornal just to show in articel not is pdf format.
Thank a lot for your attention :)

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