Thursday, February 4, 2010

Effect of Fermented product from Bacillus subtili on nitrogen uric acid and ammonia in Broiler Faeces

The present study was conducted to evaluate effect of fermented product from Bacillus subtilis (FPBS) on uric acid, nitrogen and ammonia in broiler faeces. Forty broiler chickens aged 7 days were distributed to 4 treatment groups as follows: One treatment group was fed diet contained 0% FPBS as the control grup, and other three treatment groups were fed diet contained 0.5%, 1% or 2% FPBS, respectively. Experimental results showed that N-urate content of faeces in broiler chickens fed 1% FPBS was the lowest at week 2 after treatment, whereas 2% FPBS supplementation was the highest. Supplementation of 2% FPBS had the higher N-ammonia at week 2 and week 3 after treatment. Supplementation 1% or 2% FPBS reduced ammonia gas release at week 4 after treatment. Furthermore, the present results showed that supplementation of FPBS had no effect on the contents of nitrogen, uric acid and ammonia in faeces. In conclusion, supplementation of 1 - 2% FPBS to diet decreased ammonia gas release.

Key words: Bacillus subtilis, nitrogen, ammonia, uric acid

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